Covid Educational Campaign

NomadsHRC supported a coronavirus educational campaign led by Sahrawi filmmakers and film students from the Abidin Kaid Saleh Audiovisual School, launched in collaboration with the SADR Ministry of Health authorities. They produced a public awareness campaign for the refugee camps on the prevention of COVID-19, making videos, cartoon strips and other easy to understand materials. Storytelling helped the refugee community understand the severity of the pandemic, their vulnerability as a collective — especially that of their elders — and the importance of breaking momentarily with cherished traditions and practices, such as drinking tea from the same cups, eating communally from the same plates and hosting family, friends and neighbours inside their tented homes.

These materials were widely shared on Sahrawi community television, social media and via WhatsApp messaging. They showed the importance of staying at home, social distancing and hand-washing in order to keep the virus at bay.

Partners: Sahrawi Ministry of Culture, Sahrawi Ministry of Health,  EFA Abidn Kaid Saleh

Supported by: Lush Cosmetics Inc., Bertha Foundation, Dimes Foundation

Covid -19 response in camps

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