International Film Grants for Sahrawi Students

The EFA Abidin Kaid Saleh film school, located in the Bojador refugee camp near Tindouf, was created in 2011 to train young Sahrawi refugees in the use of film as a storytelling tool. The school is training the first-ever generation of Sahrawi filmmakers, who are giving birth to Sahrawi cinematography, a new art form in Western Sahara.

One of EFA Abidin Kaid Saleh’s goals is to send film graduates abroad to further their filmmaking and teaching skills so that they can return as instructors (and filmmakers) and continue to enrich and support the project. Six former students from the school are the benefits of these film grants so far.

Our activities also include inviting them to participate in film festivals and other international gatherings, and promoting their work.

Currently, NomadsHRC and both the Madrid Film Institute and the Chaminade Student residency are offering the possibility of renewing the grants.


The training of Sahrawi instructors has propelled the school to change its model and become a fully Sahrawi project. With full time Sahrawi instructors on site, the school now offers students a program taking them through to the end of the school year. Sahrawi instructors are able to adapt curriculum to local abilities, needs and realities. Sahrawi instructors infuse film training and storytelling with cultural references unique to the Sahrawi people. The presence of Sahrawi instructors offers positive modeling to students. The school has also attracted students through Solar Cinema Western Sahara, a project managed through the school (also a NomadsHRC project) that tours the camps offering solar powered screenings. Participants noted that audiences were inspired to witness a fully Sahrawi project with Sahrawi films, filmmakers, projectionists and moderators.

Partners: EFA Abidin Kaid Saleh

Supported by: Madrid Film Institute, Chaminade Student Residency, EICTV- San Antonio de los BaƱos (Cuba), Bertha Foundation, Dimes Foundation, Cultures of Resistance.

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