Currently there is an abundance of films and videos on Western Sahara, most produced in the past twenty years. Some films have been professionally made while others are small productions, often by activists. A growing number have been made by Sahrawis.

As a whole, this body of work provides a unique audiovisual narrative of the Spanish colonial era in Western Sahara, the Moroccan invasion and war, the exodus and occupation, and the current reality and struggle of the Sahrawi people.

Now, Nomads HRC has put together and organized a comprehensive list of Western Sahara-themed films and videos, with technical and artistic index cards and, whenever possible, contact information for producers of each film.

Nomads HRC has collaborated with international film festivals to identify participants and organize Q&A’s. This work has been ongoing for over a decade and so far includes almost two hundred films, making this the largest Western Sahara-themed film catalog in existence.